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Teen Therapy

As a result of working with me, teens are more productive and more accountable, complete the tasks that they start, have improved academic performance, experience more positive attitudes, and build healthier relationships.

Free Consultation

dazzle_jam-nappy- (3).jpegAre you asking yourself, “Where do I belong?” “Who sees me?” “Who hears me?” “Do I really matter?” Do you find yourself getting easily irritated and frustrated? Do you lose yourself in social media because you just don’t want to face the world? Or, are you feeling isolated and disconnected, like nobody cares? Sometime you might even feel like you want to just disappear. Do you feel like you are a failure and are questioning what’s the sense of doing school work? I can help you. You do not have to do this alone.

You might look at me and say, “But Ms. Ann, you have it all together. How could you possibly understand what I’m going through?” What you need to know is that when I migrated to the USA, I felt so alone. Everything was new, different, and strange, even the food. I felt like an oddball. I did not fit in with my family at home, nor did I fit in with my peers at school. I was made fun of all the time. I did not fit in at my mother’s house, nor at my father’s house either. It was a very difficult time for me. I felt helpless, hopeless, and invisible.

Maybe you are a teen who was born in the United States or maybe you were not. Either way, you feel disconnected, like you just don’t fit in and nobody is loyal to you, nobody cares. You feel left alone to navigate this big scary world by yourself. I get it! I was that teenager. I understand! I will work with you to feel better about yourself, start to build connections in your spaces, and to feel hopeful about your life. I will help you discover the genius in you that the world is waiting for. Let me be your guide.


​"Ann has the warmth, smarts, courage, and humor to heal relationships. She's committed to nurturing wellness and has a deep respect for her clients' culture and strengths. I've had the pleasure of knowing Ann for over six years and would recommend her to individuals, adolescents, couples, and families. Atlanta is blessed to have this healer in their community!"

Sarah Lentz, LAMF